Which domains does XYZ company own?
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A couple years ago I ran accross a site that was keeping track of which domains a company owned. Now I can't find it. I'm NOT talking about a whois search here... this was a business oriented site, not a techie site like network solutions. The article that linked me to it was on the subject of randomcompanySUCKS.com and other domains that companies have purchased out of fear or foresight.
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Might you be thinking of Domain Surfer? Here's a search for every known domain with metafilter in it.
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Might you be thinking of Domain Surfer? Here's a search for every known domain with metafilter in it.

That looks like a really handy website, but... Last updated: 31 Dec. 2002.
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I remember this too. It was an investor information site. There was meant to be some value to early knowledge of which domains they had registered. Now, what was it called? I think it might have been related to the dogpile search engine.
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One of those "I'll think of it eventually" moments. I think it was Companysleuth. Google finds it, but the site doesn't work for me.

Here's something from an ICANN forum that looks like self-promotion.
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A variety of useful domain tools I've turned up (I wish someone would maintain an authoritative list):


Whois Source - wildcard search; 2-year history; a decent name suggest/search tool


netboy - best name suggester out there

domainator seems OK too.

DevTools Whois - haven't used this

easywhois doesn't (at this writing) do the annoying new practice of only showing registration status, while pointing you (uselessly) at the front page of the registrar's site.

In the b2b area there's KnowX which does more thorough IP searching.

Oh, Company Sleuth! Yeah, they did other stuff besides domain names such as earnings and so on, but they've been offline a couple of years. cf. It seems to have been more of a targeted web search tool.
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