Cheapish accomodations for 12 in Brooklyn for one night
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I'm looking for a big hotel room or suite or apartment for rent in New York City for a single night. For 12 people. On short notice.

Hotel Toshi screwed me and canceled my reservation with very little notice, and now I'm scrambling. I don't have enough time to wait for responses from people on Airbnb or VRBO or HomeAway. And a lot of those apartments for rent require a minimum stay of three nights or sometimes more. What can I do? Are there any hotels in NYC (preferably Brooklyn) that specialize in rooms or suites for up to a dozen people? We'd like to spend less than $500.

(In case it matters, the single night is a Thursday, June 17.)
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Reconciling 12 people for $500 is going to be the toughest part if you want full accommodations. Are you prepared to sleep on air beds, etc?

Vacation homes might be your best bet and a single night may actually work in your favor to "pad out" gaps in a rental's schedule as they usually rent by the week. Looking around for your price range I found this rental for $200 a night, though. It lists the owner's phone, so maybe you can negotiate with him a bit.
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if it helps you feel any better, it looks like hotel toshi might be getting busted big-time.
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Response by poster: That makes me feel a little better. Although they haven't my security deposit back, yet. Hm.

I just came across Ye Olde Carlton Arms while perusing AskMe's archives, which might be about perfect.
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Plutor, i'm heading to NYC next week, and i'm staying at Carlton Arms again. i love it there. just thought i'd put in some more positive feedback.
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Carlton Arms doesn't exactly do suites though-- when I first did heroin there back in the 1980's (it's been cleaned up since then), the rooms were, well, NY cheap hotel room sized, AKA not large. 12 people would definitely be a crowd. And they might not be thrilled having 12 stay in a room designed for two.
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Response by poster: I talked to them about getting somewhere between four and six two-bed rooms for the group, which they seem willing and able to do for that night.

I got a MeMail recommending New York Loft Hostel, but I think we're going to try to avoid hostels unless we can be sure to not have to mix with other people. (NY Loft has 12-bed rooms, but I'd be surprised if we can get one to ourselves.)
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Hotel Toshi likely screwed you because they aren't licensed to BE a hotel and has no certificate of occupancy. link.

Too many of those in this part of Brooklyn these days.

Commentary on New York Loft Hostel.

I'd put an ad yourself up on CL and see who answers. But BE WARY. Way too many charlatans.
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Response by poster: By the time I decided to make a reservation at Carlton Arms, they were fulled up for the night. I ended up reserving three rooms at The Empire Hotel (!) by naming my own price on Priceline. Not really the kind of thing we were looking for, but at least we'll have beds and floors to sleep on for the night.
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