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SpanishFilter: Translation these apartment moving phrases from English to written and spoken (Mexican) Spanish, por favor?

I intend to hire some local labor for my move this weekend. My Spanish disappeared long time ago (use it or lose it!) and the laptop I'm borrowing is having a lot of problems with loading most sites but I can get MetaFilter. Please provide written AND, if you are able to proved abbreviations that would be visibly recognizable to my Mexican/American audience, spoken translations (I can read it, pronunciation guide not needed) for the following:
"Two movers, $40 each
1 bdrm apt, heavy lifting"

Fragile, This End Up, Keep Cool

Bedroom, Kitchen, Living-room, Bathroom, Patio
Thank you, MeFites, you're my only hope...
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Dos mudarses necesario, $ 40 cada uno
una pisa elevación apartamiento, levantamientos de objetos pesados

Frágil, Este Fin arriba, Keep Cool (??)

Dormitorio, Cocina, salón-comedor, baño, patio
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mantengase fresco?  maybe
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Best answer: dos mudanceros (2 movers)
paga $40 cada uno ($40 each)
apartmanto de una habitación- equipo pesado (1bd apt- heavy lifting)

frágil (fragile)
(this end up) I would just use arrows
mantener frío (keep cool)
cuarto (bedroom)
cocina (kitchen)
sala (living-room)
baño (bathroom)
patio (patio)
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Best answer: Octomato has it (other than a typo, apartamento). I don't know if Mr. Verge is using Babelfish, but that is not right.
You might find it helpful to get some different colored tape or markers, so that all the boxes with a red mark or with red tape go to the kitchen, for example.
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Best answer: Hoping I don't deviate too much from localisms... "Keep cool" should be "mantener fresco". "This end up", probably "este lado para arriba" ("hacia arriba"? sounds more location neutral).
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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks for the speed and the suggestions and for being another group of people helping me to achieve my goals!

I'm disabled and cannot do any of it myself. I'm so excited - I'll be living on my own for the first time in the six years since my catastrophic medical event*. Hiring local help is one of the things I can do to keep that status (i.e. not killing myself by doing it with all of my 116 lbs, 5'3" disabled she-woman strength!)

I'll let you know if I inadvertently insult them with this method! ;P

*A little bit of the details are in my profile.
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Response by poster: All moved in. Didn't need most of the phrases. Only needed to keep repeating "Dos, dos" as many more were also looking for work. Everything worked out really fine. Thanks for your help.
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