Site for collecting stories about a retiring colleague
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Looking for an online way to collect anecdotes and remembrances for a retiring colleague.

We've got a person who has been around for a long while who is retiring in my company and we're looking for a way for current and former colleagues to contribute stories from over the years. We'll present the collection to the retiree at his going away party.

Here's some of the features we're thinking of, but these aren't set in stone:

The ability for contributors to post text, pictures and maybe video, and for contributors to comment on postings that others have added.

We'd like to avoid forcing people to create or use an existing account on Facebook or a similar site. (If folks want to keep their Facebook account away from their work life, we want to allow that.)

The posts won't be public but we can live with a single shared username/password for access, although we'd still want each individual poster to ID themselves when they post, of course.

It doesn't need to live forever -- a few months or a year is okay -- but we'd like to be able to archive it. (But printing the site out when we're done would be adequate.)

Free would be nice.

Anyone know of anything that would allow that?
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I think this is what Google Wave is supposed to be for.
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A log (try would allow people to do this in a couple of different ways...

1) create a blog with only one post ("This is for Ted!") and allow everyone to comment.

2) have one user name and allow people to log in and just leave names on their posts.

3) create multiple accounts (easy to do if there are just a handful of people).

Sounds like a fun send-off!
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