How do I interprete this wedding invitation?
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I just received my first of many wedding invitations, and I am a little unsure about how to respond. Based on this pic, it looks likes after "M_____" I put Mr. John Doe. Correct?
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That's correct. The "M" is the beginning of "Mr." or "Ms." or "Miss" or "Mr. and Mrs." and all that.
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I received an invitation like this recently but it was addressed ____ & ____ Lastname (my husband and I). I put Mr. and Mrs. Lastname in the blank.
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It's a weird convention, but that's correct. It avoids the inelegant 'Mr./Ms' construction.
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If you know them well and want to be funny you could put "Me--Mr. John Doe"
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I was just put in this position last week, I wonder if you and I are going to the same event. I was flummoxed until I called my sister - you're probably like me and feel awkward calling yourself mister. I almost just put M__e. . . ?
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As Lucinda said, I think that's correct. One thing to add, if you're allowed to bring a date, this is where you'd list his/her name as well so they can make place cards. If the invitation isn't addressed to "& guest" (or a significant other's name + yours), though, it's possible they don't have room for you to bring someone else.
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Lucinda is correct.
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Is it a plus one invite? The blank also allows you to say 'Mr John Doe and Ms Alice Roe', if that's the case.
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