Pecorino romano overload
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What do you use pecorino romano for?

I bought a big chunk because I had it in my mind that it was a substitute for Parmagiano-Reggiano and it was about half the price per pound. It turns out it's not really that similar at all though, and I really notice the distinctive taste when I use it in place of the Parmagiano. So what do I do with it?
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Sprinkle it on a salad.
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Something here should give you some ideas.
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Mix with ricotta and whatever else you would use for stuffed pasta (ravioli/shells/manicotti/etc.) or lasagna filling; use along with other cheeses on top of pizza.
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A mix of the two can be pleasant in place of either, or maybe it's just time to pick up some prosciutto for some high class macaroni and cheese.
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I enjoy it everywhere I would put Parm, and I like the different flavor. Since I'm on a tight budget, Pecorino is generally what I use to feel luxurious, cheese wise.

So for me, that's :

on top of pasta with red sauce
shaved over beans
with pasta, cream, and peas when I've got money for cream

I am also known to slice pecorino romano right off the block and eat it in slivers. I love the salty, slight crunchiness.
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Put it in pesto!
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This is really my parent's cheese of choice (they usually get the Locatelli brand); they buy blocks of it grate it as needed (we grate it in thick strips, not powdery), and sprinkle it over pasta constantly. It's definitely distinct from parmigiano, but I've always loved (and indeed preferred) it.

If it's grating on your nerves to have it over pasta (har har), try sprinkling it over asparagus and broiling them. A simple dish, but one of my favorites, and they maybe you can avoid the "But this should be parmigiano!" feeling.
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Yeah, pesto!
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This raw kale salad with pecorino is great and I've made it many times. I usually omit the bread and use regular curly kale -- it's good either way.
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eat a slice, then eat a slice of apple. Repeat.

Except apples suck at this time of year.
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It is also my father's cheese of choice right down to preferring Locatelli as well. He would tell you that he likes it on everything (and prefers it to the nice Parmigiano Reggiano that I like). Since it has a less nutty flavor and seems saltier, Pecorino would be good anywhere you want to throughly salt your food. Popcorn would be a good example. You certainly can't go wrong mixing it with other cheese or grated on top of a sauce. Or do what bilabial does and eat it straight.
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Italians eat it with honey and nuts.
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My family eats romano instead of parm regularly. We like it on pastas (it's great when it's shredded and mixed with mozzarella) and salads, mostly, although once in a while I'll sprinkle it on top of garlic bread before it's baked. I also use it in souffle, and to add a depth of flavor in mac and cheese, and savory scones and biscuits.
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Cacio e pepe, without a doubt!
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Melt it with pear on bread. Yum!
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Basides being my namesake I like it in a la vodka sauce . It also can be used in anything that other grated cheeses are used in. Its also great all by itself with wine.
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Seconding - nay, n-thing - with pears and on cacio e pepe. And (speaking as an honorary Roman, living just down the road from Amatrice) it's obligatory on pasta all'amatriciana, half-and-half with parmigiano (or cheaper but just as good: half-and-half with grana padano). But beware the salt content: my doctor tells me with my blood pressure I need to stay away from it.

Al contadino non far sapere
Quanto รจ buono pecorino con le pere

Don't let the farmer know just how good pecorino and pears are (otherwise he'll eat the lot).
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I like it in soup - for example, minestrone or any other broth-with-beans type.
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Cheese crisp type things! Grate up a bunch of it on the small holes of a box grater. Toss with a bit of salt and freshly ground black pepper. On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, take about a third cup of the mixture and shape it into a loosely packed, flat disc. Bake in the oven (I don't know, 300F-ish?) until its lightly browned and crisp. Serve on top of a salad or soup of some kind.
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It probably has to do with my family's point of origin, but we use pecorino romano like other people use parmigiano.

Eat it plain with some dry white wine.
Eat with apples or pears.
Grate it over anything.
Use it in ricotta fillings for flavor (avoid salt when using thus).
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Cacio e pepe is so much better than the sum of its parts. Definitely try that!
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Another vote for cacio e pepe, and another for pesto. I just made some pesto last night with a mix of pecorino romano and parmigiano reggiano and it was great.
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Make abeetz.
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On french fries. Make your own fries, and instead of salting toss them with the pecorino. That's how we did them at the stupidly high-end restaurant I used to work at, and people gobbled them down like they were going out of style.
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Cheese crisp type things!

I made these. Don't try to eat them straight or you might die of a salt overdose.
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A thin slice - almost a shaving, but a bit thicker - on half a pear, drizzled with honey.
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