Identify this weird cartoon
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Stop motion + MacGuffin Ritual + chicken leg with a tentacle + guy jogging = what cartoon did I see on the internet?

I saw a short film online. I thought it was posted to BoingBoing but I'm not positive. I saw it within the last two years.

The person posting it mentioned that they used some audio that was covertly recorded for the sake of "authenticity."

It starts with a little kid observing some freaky stuff in an alley, which I think was called the "MacGuffin Ritual," and then most of the movie follows a couple young adult guys who sell drugs. There's a thing that originated from the ritual that looks kind of like a chicken leg with a tentacle. It's pretty loose and meandering, so it's hard to describe in terms of plot.

The animation was mostly clay stop-motion, but they would composite the clay models together on the computer. For example, there's a bit where a guy's jogging, and you can tell they shot a running cycle with his body and then shot his head separately so he could talk.

I want to identify this and who did it.
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I'm pretty sure that I saw this on Boing Boing as well... was it serialized? For some reason I'm thinking i only saw part one of N, but maybe I just gave up. I definitely remember a kid watching freaky ritual stuff in an alley.

Then again, Google returns 321 results for "video chicken tentacle project," so it could all just be a spontaneously generated artificial memory.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it was posted as multiple parts. My attempts to google "MacGuffin boingboing" didn't turn it up, even though I distinctly remember commenters reveling in the fresh-out-of-film-schoolness of calling something "the MacGuffin." Would they have removed it afterwards, or am I remembering something wrong?
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Best answer: Got it. It's 500 Pound Planet:
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Response by poster: I don't know why I wasn't finding that through Google. Thanks!
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