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I cannot remember this supernatural-esque show and it's driving me nuts. I'm beginning to think I'm crazy and that it doesn't exist. It was on a major network channel and dealt with fictional scary paranormal abilities, not in a docu-drama way like Ghost Hunters. Help me find it?

So, a while back (I'm thinking mid-to-late nineties?) I can remember watching a show about people with paranormal abilities... I think.

It wasn't an action show, more horror and suspense with a 'lil mystery. The general gist was that something/one was building or coming and only this group of people were aware **or** only this group was going to be affected. The whole vibe was really creepy.

I feel like there was a young boy that this "thing" was targeting and the others were attempting to protect him? I think there was a doctor in this group and a young woman with red hair? The last episode I remember, I think the people w/abilities met up in house somewhere (possibly the Doctor's) and were discussing what to do about the situation.

The paranormal stuff wasn't as straight forward I don't think, there weren't superpowers like in Heroes. There were weird shadows and dreams and intuition/insanity and maybe ghosts? The people were afraid of what was happening and they tried to hide what they knew/were capable of.

Now, granted this is maybe ten years ago, and I'm sure the series was canceled early so maybe the exact details I've sketched out aren't 100% but if you know of something that sounds like this let me know! :)
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Best answer: American Gothic?
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Was it The Stand? It was presented as a miniseries, which might explain why you thought it was cut short.
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I don't think there was a doctor or a little boy, but Millennium has the something coming, a specific group of psychically gifted people, a creepy vibe, and the right general time period.
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Oooohhhh, Millennium is a really good guess. IIRC, the ending of Season 2 took place in an isolated house.

Either way, it was a terrific show, especially in that second season.
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Best answer: This sort-of reminds me of the quickly canceled (and rather bungled, if the Wikipedia entry can be trusted) NBC series The Others, which I recall involved a bunch of psychic people who seem to be constantly harassed by the peripheral edges of a massive demonic shadow entity of some kind. Spooky sweaters!
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Best answer: I was just about to suggest The Others -- it starred Julianne Nicholson, who might be your red haired woman, and the episodes I saw as a kid definitely involved creepy dreams and ghosts.
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Shot in the dark, but possibly Poltergeist: The Legacy? I never actually watched it, but I seem to recall a creepy vibe and there being some old house and a doctor-like guy in it.
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I also vaguely remember an ABC series (also canceled) called Miracles from the same time period, that had a young boy and a young woman among the main cast, and a group of people connected by the same visions.
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Best answer: Definitely sounds like "American Gothic". Great show.
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Best answer: Like stitcherbeast and asparagirl, I'm willing to bet it was American Gothic. Here's a picture of the boy and the male doctor with Sheriff Buck (Satan to his minions) on the right. The red head would be Merlyn Temple (played by Sarah Paulson), the boy's sister, who ghosts/angels up at some point and the ongoing threat would be the continuous, ominous repetition of "Someone's at the door"
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(plus the whole series is on Hulu, for you stateside folks).
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Response by poster: Yay Internet Denizens!!!

The main show I was (mis)remembering was The Others, rollick you were totally right about who the redhead I was remembering was.

BUT the boy I was remembering was from American Gothic! No wonder I couldn't find "the" show, it was two!

Thanks y'all, time to go watch on Hulu! (thanks Sparx!)
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