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What conservation or local groups are currently working on cleaning up the oil from the BP oil spill, especially in terms of wildlife? I'd like to donate as I'm not able to volunteer.
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Best answer: Not 100% sure, but here's a page with a volunteer signup sheet, so donating to them probably fits.
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Best answer: National Wildlife Federation is doing a donation drive to help with the BP spill cleanup. They have a text message donation (text WILDLIFE to to 20222 to donate $10), but it sounds like the funds get there faster if you donate directly online. I've donated, but that's the extent of my knowledge of what they're doing specifically.
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Best answer: Audubon Institute is handling the oiled wildlife. They are the parent organization for the zoo, aquarium, insectarium and a number of other animal facilities in New Orleans. Great organization. I'm sure you can earmark your donation specifically for oiled wildlife.
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Best answer: The International Bird Rescue Research Center has 20 people cleaning birds near the spill and accepts donations via Paypal or credit card. I felt terrible seeing a picture of an oil-drenched duck today; this place, and donating money to them, made me feel better.
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