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EUTravelFilter: say I have a EU residence permit and as expected leave for my home country (Argentina) before it expires. How long I'm required to wait before I can re-enter the EU as a simple lowly tourist?

Browsing through immigration agencies sites fails to give any clues. For holders of Argentine passports, tourist stays of up to 3 months are legal without a visa or permit of any kind, of that I'm sure. I vaguely recall something about a mandatory waiting period of X months before being allowed a possible re-entry as a tourist. I'm unable to put this any closer than the rumor realms, Help?
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doesn't it say on the letter you received with your visa? when pauli (chilean) received her visa, it came with a letter describing this kind of thing quite carefully.
posted by andrew cooke at 9:45 AM on February 24, 2005

No such luck. Only some blather about the permit not giving any grounds with regard to eventual requests for permanent residence and/or citizenship status, and such legalese.
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hmm. looks like the uk does visas differently (and the eu site is useless, isn't it?). sorry.
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No problem, thanks. What would the answer be in her situation? While it's a different immigration system, it might give me some reasonable idea of what would be required in my case.
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it was a different visa, so doesn't help, unfortunately. basically she could live in the uk indefinitely unless she left for more than 3 years (which she has now done).
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Also, I just realized I messed up on describing the situation clearly. So let's try again:

1. I leave the EU dutifully, just before my permit expires.
2. Arrive to home country, settle back in.
3. EU permit expires.
4. Mandatory waiting before being allowed back in EU as tourist of how long?
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IANAL, but unless the permit had a special waiting period restriction, I wouldn't think there would be any period before you could return as a tourist. Your best bet would be to call the EU-country consulate in Argentina and ask them.
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My very limited experience of visa issues says that in general countries don't care when you last visited, as long as you qualify for the current visit. So if you can prove you're a tourist each time you can come as often as you like.
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From my own similar experience, I was told that your 3-month tourist visa refreshes every time you leave Europe and return, regardless of how long (for example, I visited Thailand for a week from Germany, then returned). I've never had a residence permit though so I'm not sure if there are any particular qualifications on that.
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