One shot every time a speller writes uses their finger to write it out
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Where can I watch the Scripps Spelling Bee in the DC area? I don't have a TV, so am looking for a bar or something that will be showing it.

I imagine someone must be showing it, but if not, where would be willing to change the channel so I can watch? Near me is Summers in Arlington, and while I know they let people pick the channels sometimes, I can't imagine a bar full of sports fans would be happy about watching the Spelling Bee on a Friday night, when presumably there will be other sports on.

Alternatively, can I watch it online? I know ESPN is offering the preliminaries online, but I'd like to see the Finals (8pm, Friday), and I can't seem to find it. Am I being dense?

Bonus points for fun drinking game ideas; preferably better than what I found after a quick google.
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Any time a contestant is giving a snarky "word used in a sentence", finish your drink. (Think of that Simpsons episode where the clue was "I don't know whether the weather will improve.")
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ESPN wouldn't let me watch the preliminaries today because my ISP is not on their approved list. However, the live feed will be linked from the Spelling Bee site ("watch live") if you are luckier.
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Thanks for the ideas and info!

julen, I'm hoping you're right that the live feed will appear when it's time, because that's what I'll be counting on. I was able to watch the replay of the preliminaries online from home last night, so at least my ISP isn't blocked. (Sorry yours is.)

Thoughts on any of these instances (inspired by last night's viewing) triggering some form of drinking?

- every time a kid starts with a clever greeting to Dr. Bailly (is that new?)
- homeschoolers
- Indian kid gets word with Sanskrit root, Hispanic kid gets Spanish root word, etc. (would have to guess based on kid's name)
- kid asks all 5 allowed questions
- kid leaves without checking to see if they got it right
- kid has to bring mike waaaaaaay down
- anytime a kid's bio shows they have already achieved more than you (published authors, own small business, etc.) (double if they spell their word right, too)
- kid's stated hero is previous spelling bee winner
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sa3z, have you been able to figure anything out? I'm in the same predicament as you, and I'm not seeing any "watch live" link to watch the finals. Woe.
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Woe indeed. No luck online, and no ideas of where to go :( ABC is definitely not streaming it live online in any obvious manner and the Spelling Bee site removed the link to "Watch Online" before my very eyes.
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