Flash cut?
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Is there a name for this editing technique?

You often get it towards the climax of a film where two geographically separate characters are doing something vital and the camera keeps cutting rapidly back and forth between the two to increase the tension. I thought it was called flash-cutting but Google suggests I made that up. Checking out Wikipedia is similarly unenlightening (it isn't a smash cut or a jump cut). Is there a name for this or is it just, er, standard editing but faster?
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Best answer: My editing professors have always referred to this as cross-cutting. I've also heard parallel editing.
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Response by poster: With hindsight this seems obvious (plus it was actually on Wikipedia). Thanks!
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The cut itself is called a cross cut, as reductiondesign points out. The effect it creates is called parallel action (if we assume that the actions are occurring simultaneously).
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Yeah, cross-cutting. See Silence of the Lambs for a pretty awesome example (as the police swat team storm the house).
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