I feel like phoning it in.
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Looking for a downloadable poster generator that was on the net around six or seven years ago. You selected a style and provided text and it used an algorithm to create a poster in the style that was "hip" at the time. Background images featured urbanscapes and the like which would have looked right at home on a WILCO album cover. I may have actually seen it here first. Does it still exist? Is there a Mac version of it? If not, anything else like it today?
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I remember this as well, and happened across it on Somethingawful way, way, way back when. If it helps anyone find it I believe it was back in 2002-2004 that I came across it.

There are threads on somethingawful that specialize in "internet necromancy", as it's called, so if anyone has an account there they might try asking.
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Not exactly what your looking for but this site allows you to upload an image and it will turn it into downloadable PDFs (poster) for you. http://www.blockposters.com/
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Response by poster: 2002-2004 would have been the era. I believe there was something like "plug-ins" or "modules" available if you wanted to change the style.
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Maybe this will help Rasterbator.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but this isn't Rasterbator. Its purpose wasn't to enlarge an image, but to generate art within a certain style (that was popular around 2003 or so). It was more of a design tool.
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Big Huge Labs has some similar online tools that do not exactly what you're asking for but pretty close. You must provide your own photos for it, though.
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Best answer: Was it n-Gen? You entered some basic information, picked a style module, and it would generate a random design. You could make posters, business cards, etc. The interface looked similar to adobe mac software of the time.

Here's the website: http://www.movedesign.com/move/main.html
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Best answer: Your description sounds like n-Gen to me. The design company that made it seems to have gone the way of all flesh, but you can see some examples here. If you scroll the flash app down to ".24" there's a gallery and a non-functioning download link. It's a shame the download's busted because it's pretty fun to play with and, yes, Mac-compatible.
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Response by poster: Yes! The n-Gen design machine! That was it! Thanks!
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Hey, sourwookie -- if you're looking for a copy of this abandoned, free, beta-version software, shoot me a me-mail.
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Hey, that's pretty neat for phoning it in! *bookmarks*
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