Where has all the saline gone?
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Does saline solution in an aerosol can still exist anymore? Can I just not find it anywhere?

I wear soft contact lenses, and have for well over ten years now (originally two-week disposables, now daily disposables). For a long time, I used saline solution in an aerosol can (usually Lens Plus or the generic equivalent); however, lately I just haven't been able to find it anymore. This presents a problem, as I'm allergic to a lot of solutions on the market. Is Lens Plus (and its equivalents) no longer being produced? Am I just not looking in the right places? Any help would be greatly appreciated, both by me and my eyes.
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I bought an aerosol saline nasal spray called "Simply Saline" at Rite Aid. Seems like you could use it for contact applications.
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I just bought a can a few months ago at CVS. If all else fails it's easy to make your own with sea salt and pour it in a squirt gun.
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Saw a site MedshopExpress selling for 5.63 a can.

I'm guessing it's the preservatives you are allergic to, so if you can't locate it , ask your OD to recommend a replacement product. They will have the contact info for all manufacturers, and can make it much easier for you- plus maybe give you a free sample or two.
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A search for "saline solution" on Amazon brought up Blairex. One of the comments said you might be able to find it at a Bed Bath and Beyond.
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You can get Blairex at Amazon and at Drugstore.com, though it's a little spendy. Walgreens.com didn't have any. I don't think your brand is made any more.
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Nature's Tears is a bit expensive (at least, to me with my minimal experience in the saline mist pricing departments) but is certainly misty.
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Yeah, emailing AMO (who used to make Lens Plus) confirms what I feared. Here's the email, in case anyone else comes across this:

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we no longer produce Lens Plus Sterile Saline. We sold that product to a company called Exaeris over two years ago, please call them at 248/321-4319, so they may assist you. We recently became aware of another preservative free sterile saline in a can called “Blairex” it is distributed by AC Lens and their phone number is 1/888/248-5367. Please also check with your eye care practitioner, for a suggested replacement product.

Should you have any additional questions, or need further assistance, please call us at 1/800/347-5005 M-F 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. PST.

Thank you,

Product Information Dept.

Guess I'm a Blairex man now.
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