Make Me an Air Hostess!
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I wanna look like a 60s air hostess. Where can I find a dress like this and boots like these?

One of my performance characters is the Merch Girl, an all-round helper elf at events, and I'd like to get her a uniform/signature look. I really like the style of retro-era air hostesses, especially the 60s girls with the shift dresses and go-go boots. However, I'm having a hard time recreating the style without going bankrupt.

1. I've seen places that sell go-go boots but they don't seem to have the side detail I was hoping to find. Also, I'm reluctant to buy shoes online as I have wide feet, go from size 8 to 10 depending on manufacturer, and a lot of women's shoes fit me weird. Are there any good retailers that do white side-detail boots that fit?

2. I've gathered from the pictures I've seen that I like the dresses that look like someone took a huge shirt and made it into a dress. For some reason I can't seem to find it in person (here in Brisbane) - either the colours are off or the sizes are off (I'm a size 12-14 Aussie; they usually don't go past my boobs). I've seen some on Etsy that come close but are so expensive! Any recommendations for affordable outfits, or perhaps other search words I could use? (what are those dresses called anyhoo?)

I'm trying not to look TOO costumey (as in, I could wear the dress for other purposes if I wanted to) but quirky enough. I was hoping for a rock & roll feel and the colours of this outfit seem ideal. Where can I look?

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I'm currently in love with eShakti. Their stuff is really quality, and you can get them custom made to your measurements. You can even customize things like the type of sleeves if you want something different than the pictured item.

A more overtly retro site is ModCloth, that also has some super-cute dresses.
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Dadadress has some dresses that you might like.
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All kinds of retro boots.
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I think size 12-14 Aussie is around 8-10 U.S, right?
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Response by poster: croutonsupafreak: assume US 10, or even 12 for safety (me, a 10?! I'm just on the edge of plus size!).

I did troll through ModCloth some time ago but everything's so expensive!
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Have you tried eBay? This search has some promising results.
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Are you crafty? You could get some vintage patterns and make them yourself.
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