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I'm looking for a good quality "man bag" for work. I need to lug around paper work, laptop (12/13 inches) and a few other bits. The bag shouldn't be too big and garish (colour wise). My budget is £100 (GBP) but if you know of a bag thats worth paying a bit more for please include it here.
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Best answer: Currently out of stock on the website but I would highly recommend this leather messenger bag from Marks & Spencer. I've had one for over a year and its been great. It was bought in an M & S store in the UK for around £70. Its sturdy and very well made and fulfils all the requirements you mention. It receives a lot of admiring comments at my office and is generally referred to as the "posh bag"
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I have an Acme Made Courier and quite like it. I have the black, it looks better than the picture (the leather parts are a medium brown, not black, so it ends up being brown-on-black instead of black-on-black). I think I found it for cheaper somewhere ( maybe?). Of course, being in the UK you may have different / better options once shipping is factored in.
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Best answer: It's more than you're looking for, but I really like the Tom Bihn Empire Builder.

I've owned a number of messenger bags, briefcases, backpacks, what have you. Some were good looking, some were well-built, but none did the job as well as the Bihn bag. It's comfortable to carry both by the great handles and the marvellously-grippy strap, it has enough, but not too many pockets. It's sober, but you can dress it up a bit. It's just right.

I tend to carry a laptop with the usual electronic gubbins for plane travel, often an interchangeable lens camera, a book or two and maybe a file folder or two of paper. It all fits with room to spare for a water bottle and a banana for the plane.
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I have an older version of this bag. It's not bad, considering the price.
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Try the Filson 256 or the Mismo Shopper.
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Mulberry. Buy for life, not 12-18 months.
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I have a "vertical" messenger bag from Timbukt2. Think of a regular messenger bag, but turned sideways. It is AWESOME and indestructible.
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Satchel. (Or satchel.)
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Love my Timbuk2. It is virtually bullet-proof yet light weight. I squeeze tons of stuff into it. Comfy when walking or riding my bike too...
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I have had this Kenneth Cole bag for about six months now. I love it. A lot. And it looks like Kenneth Cole bags within your price range can be found here in the UK.

When I was looking for my bag I was impressed by Marks & Spencer selection of bags, and frustrated to no end that I couldn't find them in Canada. I would definitely check there while you're looking.
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I have this one and I love it. I call it my messenger bag for grownups. I'm not a man, though. :)
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I've been lusting after something from Brooks--perhaps this one. Expensive, but I'd expect anything made by Brooks to last.
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Best answer: There's a great thread from last year on Man Bags over at the Art of Manliness. My favorite, my own soft briefcase from Coach, appears in the postings.
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I love these "Swiss Army" Wenger backpacks:

Amazon Link

I think their messenger-style laptop bags are cool too, but I picked my backup up at Best Buy (don't see my specific model listed here) and it could easily store two 12-14" laptops pretty safely (though designed for one) and has many large compartments to keep books / papers / etc separated and many, many mini-compartments and pockets (four on the sides alone). Love it. Has a cool zippered mini-pocket right on top that I store anything small that I need quick access to.

I've had a couple different messenger bags and always end up with too many things in them. They get heavy and bother my shoulders, as I tend to favor one shoulder and feel awkward with the other. The backpack I have has this nice reinforced "steel cable" handle that makes me feel pretty confident picking it up that way with a heavy load too, although I haven't closely inspected to see how structurally sound it is; could be a gimmick, but feels sturdy as heck. It also has nice extras like well-designed padding to keep your back from sweating and very easy-to-adjust straps.
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I got a Jack Spade bag a few years ago (I think based on another Askme thread). It's clean and simple, but works really well and still looks like new.
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Previously (links to 8 more previous threads in my comment).
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I only bought it because it was on steep, steep discount at a men's clothing store but I love my Manhattan Portage bag. Very sturdy and I'll probably take it to the grave.
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