How to add video to a scrapbook?
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I would like to add video to a scrapbook/photoalbum. What device could best do this, cheaply? I have a Sansa Fuze mp3 player, which is small and can play video, but when turning it on, a reader would have to know how/where to navigate menus to find the videos. Is there anything small, battery powered, and cheap, that when activated, either automatically starts playing the video, or simply presents the reader with a list of videos to choose from?

- The videos total less than 300Mb, and are youtube-quality.
- The bigger the screen, the better.
- Ultra thin (like the Fuze) might be nice (as this means it could be attached directly to the album cover) but bulky is OK too, especially if that means a bigger screen or replaceable AA / AAA batteries.
- Under $60 preferred.

I think a small digital photo frame might be excellent, but I'm having trouble finding one that can play video that is also battery powered, and available to buy.

Any recommendations or hot tips?
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