Switching to Chrome.
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Is there anyway to replicate Firefox's "clear history on close" option in Chrome?

I'm thinking about switching from Firefox to Chrome but there is one feature that is setting me back. Firefox can be set to clear all history, cache, and cookies when the browser closes. Is there anyway to get Chrome to do this? So far I haven't been able to find a setting or extension that does this.
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Use Incognito windows. When the last one closes, all session data disappears.
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The problem with that is that I would have to turn incognito on. I want something that can permanently be set to clear my data and give a blank slate every time I close the browser.
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Try this.
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Ditto to @prior. I use that and it's great.
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Easy. Add --incognito to your Chrome shortcut. Now you always launch in incognito, which does exactly what you want.

(If you're not sure how to do this, here's a more detailed instruction)
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Oh, except you can ignore everything that link says about "BETA", this feature is standard in Chrome now. Just added it for people who don't know how to modify a shortcut in Windows (of course the --incognito trick works on Mac and Linux as well).
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