Fun Things in Portland?
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I'll be going to Portland OR this weekend to visit family. I know about Powell's Books and little else. What's fun to do in Portland?
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I hope when you say you know about Powell's Books, you mean to include their separate technical bookstore which is about as badassed a bookstore as ever there was.
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Stumptown coffee!
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Many many food choices
Bamboo in close in SE for sushi
Esparza's at SE 28th & Ankeny for great TexMex
the ubiquitous McMenamins' brewpubs - all have adequate to good beer, adequate pup food
HUB for good beer

The Rose Garden at the SW end of Downtown AND the "other" Rose Garden in Peninsula Park in North Portland.

Sauvie Island for hiking, nature experiencing

Forest Park (and mountain bike rentals) for mountain biking, hiking, etc.

Pittock Mansion

Ground Kontrol - old school video games lovingly displayed for your play and enjoyment (and they have a bar) in the Pearl District / Chinatown

Many many snooty, uppity restaurants in the Pearl populated by uppity transplants from California who are proud not to fit in. Note, however, some of these restaurants have food that is worth as much as half of what it costs!

Exception to that - Fenouil.
Olive or Twist - paradoxically in the Pearl, but the BEST martinis in town. Bar none.

Multnomah Falls because you are a tourist and all tourists have to go there.

Live music at: Wonder Ballroom, Aladdin, Roseland, Berbatis, etc etc

Portland Art Museum

Spella or Coffee Plant - both downtown for great non-corporate coffee

If you'll be in town Friday it's First Friday in Multnomah village a fun evening of open houses at shops and such

Other than that - nothing ever happens in Portland
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If you like comic books and have a need to browse a vast selection of same, I can heartily recommend Excalibur Books & Comics, 2444 SE Hawthorne. It's not flashy, but it has just about everything you could want on the shelves and they're super-nice.

If you tend more towards arcade games, Ground Kontrol.

I rather enjoyed the beer and the food at the Laurelwood Public House; there have been other Portland beer and food questions, though, so you could go look up the locals' favorites.

...wait, did you say this weekend? There's a MetaFilter meetup! 6pm Saturday night, June 5th, at Prost. Also, the Starlight Parade is at 8:30 Saturday night; expect traffic and transit oddities, or just go and be part of the mayhem.
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Choose your own adventure from the Portland Mercury!

Not up for adventure? I liked the Portland Japanese Garden. You can also trek up Forest Park if you want to get outside without having to drive.
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I'm a big fan of the Japanese and Chinese Gardens, personally (and everything else others have said :) )
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Eat at food carts a/o the Waffle Window.

The gardens already mentioned are great, even in the near-inevitable rain this weekend. I'd recommend taking the spoils from your trip to Powell's and camping out to read in an environment where someone will bring you a) cocktails or b) tea/coffee.
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Voodoo Doughnut. They have a maple bacon doughnut. Let me repeat that-- a doughnut with maple frosting and TWO ACTUAL PIECES OF BACON ON TOP.
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There's lots to do here. What kind of stuff do you generally like to do?
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It's a bit out of the city, but you really should go see Multnomah Falls. It's the second tallest waterfall in North America, and it's within easy walking distance of it's own exit on I-84. (You can actually see it from the highway.)
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Oaks Park roller skating. 1920s (?) rink with an organ suspended over it (I think the organ is played on Sundays and Tuesdays, and the rest of the time they just play pop music, though I've never actually been there for the organ playing so I don't know what times of day it is). On Friday and Saturday nights at least, there's a big turnout and lots of fancy skating, including, if you are lucky, break-skating.
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Stumptown coffee!

It's okay coffee. But at least there's Voodoo Doughnut down the block.
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Exit Powell's through its Burnside St. entrance, walk half a block or so down SW Oak Street, and you'll find Reading Frenzy, a "specialty bookshop/gallery/event space ... devoted to supporting independent/alternative media and culture." There's also a zine library and some sort of "underground" bookstore called Countermedia (the kind with a large selection of interesting adult material and a whole shelf devoted to Robert Anton Wilson) on that same block. Disclaimer: I have a bad memory and haven't been to Portland in a year.
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Strolling along NW 23rd, or SE Hawthorne. Off SE Hawthorne, there is a neighborhood called the Ladd's Addition which is fun to stroll around in. At the other end of SE Hawthorne is a park named Mt. Tabor, which is an entire extinct (albeit small) volcano, with a basketball court in its crater.

AND, as every local hooker knows, it is Fleet Week, wherein several large navy ships sail up the rivers and dock next to downtown. Part of the Rose Festival which is fun to do once, sorta.
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Lot's of good threads on this topic!

Yes to Reading Frenzy above -- good recommendation.

Are you going to be east side, west side, downtown?
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I got a lot of good suggestions in my "what-to-do-in-PDX" question.
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On Hawthorne there is an awesome Mexican joint called Por Que No? If you can get out there for lunch, it is well worth it.
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I have a huge collection of Portland related bookmarks. (I've linked you to the start which is the mor e general ones). Lots to see and do.

I'd also recommend the the Zinester's Guide to Portland.
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It's not Portland proper, but Multnomah Falls is a short half-hour drive east and surrounded by excellent trails.
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There is a meetup planned for Saturday evening, if you have some free time.
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voodoo donuts. totally voodoo. i miss voodoo so much. maybe one of my favorite things about living in portland.
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