Jakarta: Break it down for me.
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With a move to Jakarta, Indonesia on the horizon for me, I'm wondering if any MeFites can recommend particularly good web resources?

I'm looking for sites, forums, articles, anything really. Detailed street-level maps, places to eat, places to be entertained, a break down of the city. The full brief.
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Nice set of links, i_cola. I might add that regardless of the why you are going you might check out the appropriate forum over at Dave's ESL Cafe.
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Before I moved to Uganda, I became SERIOUSLY addicted to Lonely Planet's Thorntree. It has discussion forums for virtually everywhere you could go, plus 'live abroad' and 'long term travel' boards. Post a question as specifically and as usefully as you can, and you will get a flood of interesting and accurate answers. Far and away the one source (offline and on) that did the most in preparing me for my move.

But oh yeah, in MeFi tradition, people get annoyed if you ask a repetitive question, so do a search first!
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