I want to eat horse (not like a horse)!
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TravelFoodFilter: What restaurants in Paris serve Cheval / Horse Meat? Is there anywhere that is particularly known for its Horse meat Cheval? or similarly particular restaurants known for Escargo / Snails or Andouille?

I'm off to Paris this weekend again and have always wanted to eat Horse Meat but have never actualy found it on a menu in France.

So I was wondering if anyone knew a restaurant in central Paris that was say reknown for the quality of its horse meat?

Or similarly somewhere reknown for their Escargo or say Anduille both of which i've also wanted to be game enough to try and I'm hoping this weekend will be the ticket...
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There was a recent article on this which I just dug back up: Horse stepping back up on the plate? It mentions where to get it.
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Horse meat is not as acceptable as it was.

This thread may help, and recommends some places. Interesting article (in French) here and a shorter article here from Le Monde.
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thanks it does mentioned one restaurant:

Chef Otis Lebert falls into the latter category. He so enjoys preparing and selling horse that he doesn’t sell beef at his Parisian restaurant, Le Taxi Jaune.
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The thread I pointed to mentions the same place.
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thanks Muffinman that thread seems to list 3 restaurants in Paris that are known to serve horse so I will have to look into it.
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Andouille is often eaten in Bretagne, so you should be able to find some in legitimate sit-down crêperies, the kind that sell buckwheat "galettes." Like this place.

I've eaten a lot of andouille but I'm not really a fan. Too bland to make up for the texture, imo. If you want to try it, more power to you. I do recommend you have it with applesauce of some kind.
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Au Pied de Cochon in Paris is a "famous" restaurant that serves andouille and escargo (also a really good onion soup.)
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