How well with the 8 GB SanDisk Sana Clip+ get along with the iPig?
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How well with the 8 GB SanDisk Sana Clip+ get along with the iPig? Specific questions inside.

I am finding the whole world of Speaker Systems and docking stations bamboozling, so I am turning to ask to ask for help.

1 - Will the Clip+ connect to the iPig and play mp3s - do I need anything special to connect them?
2 - Will the FM Radio in the Clip+ work when it is connected to the iPig. I know that some mp3 players use headphones as an aerial?
3 - Will the Clip+ being connected to the iPig keep it charged (the clip that is)?
4 - What if any remote control functionality will I have?

Thanks in advance.
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If the connector isn't identical to an iPod's, it won't fit. You will need to find a player that connects with a Sansa or with a regular headphone jack.

I have the other newer model of Sansa (not the clip), and a speaker set that has a special Sansa dock (about twice as wide as an iPod or clip).
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You're going to have to connect your Clip's headphone port to the iPig's AUX input with a cable, so it's going to be sitting behind the iPig and not in the dock on top. It won't charge or work with the remote (other than probably the volume buttons and power) since those functions are iPod-specific. The cable will probably serve as an antenna the same way your headphones do.
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I do not own an iPig, but have a Clip and I read the description and FAQ. My judgment is that you can play your Clip thru the Pig using a male/male 3.5 mm miniplug patch cord, but that the Pig will not charge your Clip nor will you be able to control it with the remote. My guess is that the patch cord will serve as an antenna should the Clip need one for FM reception..
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mneekadon - what kind of special Sansa dock do you have? Would it charge the clip, allow the Fm radio to work? And does it have a remote?

Thanks for all the answers so far.
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I have a thing called an inMotion made by Altec, which was a gift from my mom. It charges my Sansa Fuze, and if there were any radio reception I figure the FM would probably work too. Haven't tried to figure out an antenna setup. No remote. I probably wouldn't have bought one for myself, as I do most of my listening in the car.

It has a pop-out dock that fits my Fuze, but the Clip has a differently shaped port.
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Thanks for that mneekadon. Looks good and I could live without the remote.
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