How to vote in the Belgian election?
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I have to vote in the upcoming Belgian election. I was born in raised in the USA, but have been to Belgium many times, and speak Dutch fairly proficiently. I can't, however, really get a handle on the platforms of the various political parties - help me figure out what they stand for, or where I can find official statements in English. I'm leaning toward Groen or SPA at the moment, so information regarding them would be particularly appreciated.
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If you don't live in Belgium and you don't understand the issues and platforms well enough to have an intelligent opinion about them, maybe it would be best not to vote.
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ActingTheGoat: It's a condition of citizenship - I could be fined heavily or worse if I don't.
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Have you read what Wikipedia has to say about them? Here is the Groen page. Is this the party you mean by SPA?

Also you can google any website and choose the "Translate this page" option. Here is Groen's website translated.
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Do you have to vote, or merely cast a ballot? Can you submit a blank ballot?
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kilterwonder: No, I mean this party. The one you linked is francophone. It's wiki entry is not helpful, nor is Groen's page, really.

mollymayhem: I'd like to vote.
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The Stemtest gives advice based on 30 polarizing statements.
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I could be fined heavily or worse if I don't.

Simple question, but since you don't mention it, have you been registered as a voter?

If you didn't do that before May 17 you can't vote.

Most Belgians abroad who did, registered to vote in Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, by the way.
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And here's a 5 minute explanation of Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde.
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