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Help salvage my pierogi recipe disaster.

I attempted to make this pierogi recipe for a potluck. Filling is fine. Strawberry sauce is fine. The pierogi dough itself was pretty much a disaster. I'm just not very good with dough.

Given the fact that I already have the filling and the sauce in my fridge, what else could I do?
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I believe wonton wrappers would work in a pinch. Or do you not have time to run to the supermarket again?
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True that. I guess I'm also curious if anybody has another, completely different usage for the ricotta and strawberries that I might not be thinking of.
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Could you use it as a topping for waffles?
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wonton wrappers would really work well.

you could use egg roll wrappers and make a fruit lasagna.

you could also do crepes.

you could buy (or make) a dozen donuts (the kind for jelly donuts, but unfilled) and fill them with the ricotta and strawberry
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you could buy puff pastry and make little puffs or balls or squares or what-have-you.
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My first thought was crepes, even though they're not very portable (I think they have to be made right before serving).

What about a variation on strawberry shortcake, replacing the whipped cream with your ricotta mixture? You could buy a pound cake and slice it up, spread your ricotta filling on it, then dollop strawberry sauce on top. Cholesterol death, but what a way to go.
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My first thought was crepes also, but you could do something else with it for sure. Maybe try to do Quietgal's idea, but with something lighter like angelfood cake to offset the richness of the filing?
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I'd lightly bake the ricotta filling in a graham crumb pie crust, with the strawberries on top. It would be very much like cheesecake but a little lighter.
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Err, I wouldn't bake it with the strawberries on top, I'd put the strawberries on top after.
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Fold the filling and sauce together lightly, chill or partially freeze it, and eat it as a dessert.
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Make penne pasta. Drain it and mix in the ricotta. Top with strawberry sauce, serve cold.
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Buy the small, cupcake-shaped phyllo dough things, bake (if they're not already baked), then fill with the filling and topping.
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