Replicating a 'Little Golden Book'
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Need help with making a book in the same style as 'The Little Golden Books'

Trying unsuccessfully to find any tutorials on how to make a book similar in style to The Little Golden Books. To me it seems relatively easy (two sheets decent thickness cardboard+paper) but would like a hand to hold through the process.
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Have you tried pulling one apart to see how it's made? I've done this before and essentially its just two pieces of cardboard stapled to the paper, with one piece of gold paper then glued to the spine.
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Response by poster: That's it? I was a little loathe to do that (being a purist) but I may sacrifice 'My book of God' to the gods of Art.
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You can still buy them at some supermarkets, if you don't want to disassemble a cherished book.
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The folks at Tiny Kitten Teeth actually printed up a picture book called Tigerbuttah, and it is a dead-on homage to Little Golden Books.a little researching turns up the fact that they used the same press as Little Golden Books, somehow. I saw the finished Tigerbuttah book in person and was absolutely captivated as to how close it came to look and feel of a Golden Book.

Also, on that linked page they describe the format of Golden Books/Tigerbuttah as:

The Tigerbuttah book will be printed on the same press used to make Little Golden Books, which have been a fixture of youth for generations as well as a generally unsung creative influence on so many illustrators, animators and artists.

It will have the same familiar hard-board cover with metallic strip (ours will be silver due to certain copyright restrictions). Just like the classics it will be hand-painted in gouache.

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