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Records about nuclear test series -- Operation WIGWAM and HARDTACK I. Willing to trade....

The feds seem to have disappeared what was once a nice archive of summary reports about atmospheric nuclear test series. (Once available here.)

I'd like to get copies of the reports on WIGWAM (DNA6000F) and HARDTACK I (DNA6038F) pretty damn quickly. (I could FOIA, but that would take months; ILL would take a couple of weeks -- I need it by Thursday morning.)

Anyone have any idea where to get these files? I've tried various archives/mirrors/caches without luck, and haven't been able to scare up digital copies of the reports with the obvious search parameters.

If it helps, I've archived some of these from previous research I've done, and I'm willing to share. (Have to dig 'em up, but I'm almost certain I've got IVY, CASTLE, GREENHOUSE, SEDAN/GNOME and perhaps a few others.)
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Best answer: The PDF links to the reports on the archived page you linked to are dead, but it looks like the PDF links on this page are still alive.
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I think the Federation of American Scientists collects this stuff.
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If zsazsa's links aren't what you are looking for, and you know what libraries they are available in, you could post it in jobs.
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Response by poster: Thank you, zsazsa!

Tried searching the DTRA site in a few ways and came up empty... glad it's still there.

Grobstein, thanks as well. I had actually tried the FAS site, but they didn't seem to have it.

Great ending... thanks all.
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Response by poster: Oh... and I love the typo in the URL. "Atomsphere." How appropriate. *grin*
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