Computer podcasts with more science?
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Are there any good podcasts on Computer Science research?

Science and Nature have pretty popular podcasts, but I find the biology weighting to be far too high for my tastes and while I subscribe, rarely do I choose to listen to them. I subscribe to EconTalk which is a format I like; a longish interview with a published expert. But within my own profession I feel a bit underserved.

It's easy to find computer-ey podcasts, like product reviews and but I'm having trouble finding podcasts on computer science specifically. Even the IEEE Spectrum is focused on current events. When I try Google searches I mainly get course lectures, which I appreciate but is not what I'm looking for at this moment.

Am I missing something obvious? Or is this just not a popular subject / not tenure material?
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software engineering radio. While software engineering and computer science are not the same, there's a lot of cross over. Topics range from programming languages (recent episode was C++0x) to operating systems, to software development methodologies.
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Best answer: Maybe this post will interest you
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Response by poster: Well, I've run through BP's linked to podcast, and it's roughly the same content as Google Tech Talks, which is great. The rate of publication is unfortunate, although the hourlong format would be overwhelming if published daily.

Judging by the number of favorites and upvotes on a similar query I posted to reddit, this might be an underserved market. Sadly, I doubt I'm qualified to run such a thing, but perhaps someone else will take the torch and let me know.
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