Flute solo music needed
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Does anyone know where I could get sheet music for a Belle and Sebastian song?

My fiance and I would like my cousin (who is a master at the flute) to play the flute solo from "We Rule the School" during our wedding...but I cannot find the sheet music anywhere. Let me know if you can help.
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Your best bet is to have a really talented musician transcribe it for you.
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Yeah, seconding phrontist. Belle and Sebastian have stated that they aren't going to release sheet music for the flute parts in their songs:
Q.Is there any plans to make sheet music available for the flute arrangements that feature on many of your songs? The web is overflowing with guitar tabs for B+S songs but nowhere seems to have anything for the flute.

A. We did have plans to make an all encompassing book that had the principle arrangements scored, but after planning it since 1998 (!) we've given up on it. It was going to cost the publishers more to put out than they could sell it for. That was the Alisdair Gray book.
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Sent you mefi-mail. In short- professional musicians do this sort of transcription/take-down service all the time. It is often the only option when sheet music isn't available for a variety of reasons.
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I'll have it written out for you in a few minutes.
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Best answer: Here you go.
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How did ludwig_van's answer not get marked as best?
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