Chicago optometrist recomendations.
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Recomend an optometrist in Chicago pleasee.

So it's been about 5 years since I've had an eye exam and I'm starting to worry that my glasses wil crumble to dust on my face. It's time to go to the doc. I'm thinking I would like to buy glasses online so a doctor cool with giving me my perscription on paper would be the best. I live around the Paulina Brown line and don't have a car so easy access to the CTA would be super sweat. Bonus points for cheapness. Thanks
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A friend of mine, Dr. Asano, works at Eye Appeal in the Loop... she's really friendly and their reviews are pretty fantastic. I don't know if it's too cheap, though. On the brown line, duh.

I've never been to an eye doctor anywhere, so I dont know if they'd be cool with the whole prescript and online thing.
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I went to Dr Brian Ortiz (also very well reviewed) at Eye Appeal Optical on N. Wabash and was very impressed. Great service and no pressure to purchase my specs from his small collection. I ended up getting my glasses from SEE Eyewear instead.

He's off the Randolph/Wabash‎ station on the Brown line to boot.
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North Center Eye Care is only about a block or so from the Irving Park brown line station. I went there first time two years ago - due to go back. I wear contacts so I can't speak to their available collection of eyeglasses, but the actual exam and all that was fine.
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Oh, sorry, missed your mention of ordering glasses online - when I went to North Center I was actually thinking of the same thing (as a back up for my contacts.) He did give me the prescription on paper when I asked for it, although he forgot to write down the "pupil distance" needed for online ordering. (And in the end I didn't order any, as my prescription is so strong that I need the super high index lenses which are still rather pricey even online.)
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If you want dirt cheap, I've been to both America's Best (multiple locations, at least one in the Loop) and WalMart (I know. Shut up.). An exam is something like $40 (maybe more at America's Best, I feel like they're always trying to upsell -- so watch out for that). I always get my frames somewhere else, and I've never had a problem with getting the prescription. Make sure you ask for the pupillary distance. Although I've measured it myself and had it done "professionally" -- by some kid in training -- and the difference of a millimeter or two is unnoticeable in the two pairs of glasses.
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