Baseball stats on last major league hit?
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Last Saturday, baseball player Kendry Morales hit a grand slam to win the game and promptly broke his leg at home plate. It got me thinking, perhaps morbidly -- what if he can't come back, and that was his last major league at bat? So my question is, is there info somewhere on baseball players' last at bats? Has anybody else hit a grand slam and then never appeared again? Difficult to google.
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Wikipedia's list of players who hit a home run in their final at bat, combined with baseball-reference, should do this for you.

It's kind of cool how many of these guys had only one career home run! Like Eddie Miller, who played parts of 7 big league seasons but never hit a home run until his very last time up.
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This might be possible using baseball-reference's Play Index, which you need a subscription to. I have one and I might have the time to try to dig up some info on that. It's an insanely powerful tool and can be used to find all sorts of amazing and specific information like what you're looking for.
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As a side note, Roberto Clemente last hit was his 3000th, he died later that year in a plane crash; he was traveling to Managua Nicaragua to bring aid to earthquake victims.
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This reminded me of when Bill Gramatica (a kicker in the NFL) hurt himself after making a field goal so I googled "Injured while celebrating" and that let me to this Daily News articles about other players who have injured themselves in similar manners.

Seem to be an even shorter list.

I guess statistically speaking it's only a matter of time until someone has a career ending injury while celebrating.
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