Reviews Of the iPad Three Weeks Later
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Where can I find reviews of the iPad written after the reviewer owned the device for a while?

Ever since the iPad came out in April I've been going back and forth about getting one. It's easy to find reviews online arguing for and against it, but most naturally seem to have been written very soon after the reviewer obtained the iPad. As we all know, sometimes there's a sort of "honeymoon period" with new gadgets and it's not an uncommon thing to love something for the first week you own it and then rarely pick it up after that. So I'd really like to find some reviews written from the perspective of "I've had this thing for a month and this is what I think".

And of course, if anyone responding here has personal experience, I'd love to hear that too. I'm definitely a tech geek and love new gadgets, but I don't want to buy the iPad and have it gather dust on my desk after a week of use.

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Here is a review that links to other reviews. It mentions what you refer to as the honeymoon period and (weirdly, I must say) extends the metaphor, comparing the iPad to a lover.
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I use mine all the time, although I also have a "regular" Mac. I like it a lot, though it has some flaws, which to me are:

1) The lack of a keyboard changes what you'll do on it versus a desktop or laptop. I do a lot of "research" type stuff on the internet, and this is kind of a pain to do effectively on the iPad.

2) The touch screen is pretty sensitive, and sometimes it's easy to accidentally touch the wrong thing and be led to a new page, and that's sort of a drag too.

3) It's a little tough to hold for long periods in one's hand . . . just a little too heavy and "slippery." The back is curved a little and tends to be awkward to hold. This is a pretty minor complaint.

4) All the other "known" limitations - lack of camera, can't print from it, etc. These don't actually bother me much, I knew of them ahead of time.

But I love it! I keep it next to my bed and can kind of flip around and check e-mail or Facebook in the middle of the night. I'm insane over the ease with which I can lie in bed and watch movies on Netflix. Traveling with it is easier than it is with a laptop. The battery life is fantastic. I still have a laptop too, but I've not used it at all. For me, the combination of iPad and desktop = perfection.
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I've had one for about a month now. I agree with Dee Xtrovert that the combination of iPad and desktop would be just the right thing for me, but my main computer is a laptop, so I have that instead.

I use the iPad as a staring-at device. People complained that it is hard to really create things with the iPad, and I wouldn't really disagree. Typing in an email is somewhat frustrating with all of the weird auto-correct mysteries and mistyping. If I could turn off auto-correct it may well make my life better. I don't really notice the lack of flash in the browser most times, and most flash games seem like they wouldn't work with the iPad anyway--so many games rely on mouseover actions, which doesn't really exist on a touchscreen.

I'll use it in the morning in bed to stare at my random collection of morning websites. If I want to type in a comment or something somewhere, I can do that with little trouble. I'll play mahjongg or some other little game while I am watching a video on my laptop. I don't watch videos on the iPad often because I'm not in the US and can't use Netflix, and transcoding things is a bit too much of a hassle most of the time. I did do that for a flight from the US to Japan, though, and it worked really well. I watched probably 8 or 9 hours of TV shows and movies and still had more than 20% of battery life left, which amazed me. In my normal use, I end up charging it about only about twice a week.

In general, I think this device is almost ideal for my purposes. I wanted something that would tend towards light gaming and internet reading, and that's really what it is for. If you want something to use for coding or Skype or lots of chatting or other typing, I would suggest you get something with a keyboard. If you just want something for couch and bed internet surfing and time-wasting, then the iPad is a pretty great device.
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I got mine when it came out in the US so I have had it six weeks or so. I am not a big tech geek but I do have the latest iMac and iPhone 3GS. I can't imagine life without this tool to be honest. I am surrounded by wifi so I am always able to use it fully.

I like how light it is and it is a good size (although the pocketable convience of the iPhone is great). It is MUCH better for reading my ebooks and papers (I am doing my masters so I need to research constantly). I am a librarian in a large public library and being able to use the catalogue or Internet in the stacks is fantastic. I don't watch movies anyways but I enjoy my music videos on it as well as YouTube. I have a rubber sleeve on my iPhone and I wish I had one for the iPad to make it grippier. My children love the games, they are pretty rough with it and it has survived my two year old dropping it. I like typing emails and short things on it (like this!) but prefer to type longer papers on my desktop. I have small hands and I think this has a major impact on how much more i used than my ham-handed husband (he browses more than types) the calendar is much nicer than the iPhone, as is contacts. The larger screen is definitely easier on my eyes - but I have incredible poor eyesight. My husband prefers the desktop but I love lounging in bed emailing him when I am browsing. I find now I get frustrated with other computers that don't have the touch screen.
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I've had my iPad for several weeks now and still really enjoy using it. I'm typing this comment on mine, in my bed. It's great for lounging and surfing on the net.

My big complaint is the keyboard, which is still kind of awkward to use. I type much faster on my iPhone. I don't think it's as bad as some people say, anyway. The screen is crazy reflective. It's kind of ridiculous. I'm not sure if they just can't make touch screens like this that are matte. Maybe. It is slightly heavy, but I usually rest it on my body, or something else. Like Dee, all the other complaints don't bother me. I could care less about the lack of flash, for example.

So yeah, no regrets with the purchase, and I still am using it a lot. My iMac is in my bedroom, but I prefer using my iPad a lot of the time now.
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FYI you can use AirVideo to stream video to the iPad and have it transcode on the fly. It works like magic.
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Here is a review titled "fanboi's lament". I'm sure that you can tell from the title the kind of review you'll find within.
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Oh, I also have no problems holding it--I tend to have it propped up on my stomach or legs while reading in bed, and I sit in all sorts of weird contorted positions on the couch and there's always some place for me to cradle the thing, so I haven't had problems with its weight. If you sit in the standard manner, this may be more of an issue.
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The "reviewer" knows to use the word fanboy, since it delivers page views for some reason.

I like my iPad quite a bit, though I am a bit disappointed at the number of apps so far. I have quite a few apps, most I am very happy with, but I expected a lot more to be available.

Battery life is exceptional. I can type on the iPad at about 90% the speed of a regular keyboard, and I'm probably a 75 wpm typist on a normal keyboard.

AirVideo is essential for streaming video content from a computer. I do experience wireless problems at home, but not at work. Verizon router at home, not at work, fwiw.

I like the iPad very much. I wouldn't be lost without it, but I am surely glad I bought it.
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Here's a one-month-later review from The Kitchn, from a cooking perspective.
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Fred Wilson (venture capitalist/blogger) wrote a positive follow-up review of his iPad.
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What iPads did to my family, by Chuck Hollis , a VP at EMC corporation.
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It is MUCH better for reading my ebooks and papers (I am doing my masters so I need to research constantly).

As one of those people who does much better with printouts when reading journal articles, an iPad is totally worth it to me if I read on it instead of on tree-killing back-breaking paper. For reasons I do not understand, I am not as good at comprehending articles when I read them on the computer I would totally get an iPad if it could provide a happy middle ground.

Has anyone with a similar problem absorbing material from the computer been successful using an iPad instead?
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I think it's like many other apple ithings, writ large. If you want a gadget where you have ultimate control, which can be altered to do what you want - and are prepared to put up with a certain amount of wallpapering-over-cracks to do so, then the ipad is not for you.

If you want a device that you can use on the couch/in bed/kitchen that is lighter and more fun to play with and more convenient than a netbook, that has some unique features, and 'just works' as long as you're doing what it lets you do - then buy an ipad.

If you already have an iphone and want a bigger one, get an ipad.

If you can't stand the iphone, stay the hell away from it.
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I love mine. So far, it has become my cookbook (using Evernote), my e-reader, my RSS reader, my machine when I want to use RDP to connect to a Windows machine at work for a quick check of things, and more. I find that I still use my laptop when I want to multitask between a ton of things (can't wait for the OS update) or to game. My wife uses hers all the time as well.
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Second impressions:
Printing debacle etc.:
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Why I changed my mind & fell in love with the iPad presents the opposite opinion than the honeymoon issue... Again, seems to agree it is not a replacement computer, but a new device you never knew you needed.
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We love ours; had it about 5 weeks now. As a media pad, it's excellent. We use it for Netflix, browsing the web, light emailing and light gaming.
The form factor is nice, but I generally read it propped up on the table or on my knees. It's too heavy to hold in your hand for an extended period. The Kindle is still better for extended eBook reading, and lighter to hold.
My main gripes are the lack of apps that take advantage of the screen area so you're left with a granular upsized iPhone screen.
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Forgot to mention, I LOVE that I can boot up the iPad in a second and login to my company Exchange server in the browser and read my email. 15 mins later, my PoS Vista Dell laptop is still grinding away. Laptop stays in my bag at night and that is a good thing.
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I also use mine a lot in the classes I teach (Digital literacy to New Canadians and seniors) it works great as bringing the tool to them without the bulk of a laptop or having them walk over to my desktop. When I am in my masters' classes I find other students laptops a barrier they can hide behind - my screen is low, on the desk or on my lap and not a visual distraction.
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I really loved my iPad, but I ended up returning it; here's why:
  • I found myself really wanting to use the new features in OS 4; which won't be available for the iPad until "Fall," which could be as late as December 20. The features being multitasking (not being able to flip back and forth between a browser and IM or IRC is a drag). and more robust photo controls (i.e. being able to edit albums and such)
  • No multi-user option available or announced as planned.
  • New version will have a camera, according to Apple hiring announcements.
  • Apple still hasn't updated the iTunes Remote application. (?!)
  • Apple Rev Bs are always a big leap ahead of the Rev As.
It was a tough call though; if I had a little more disposable money at the moment, I would have kept it. It's terrific for viewing photos, browsing the web, reading RSS feeds, Twitter, watching movies, etc.
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