Is Cactus Cooler anywhere around D.C.?
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Any place you've seen Cactus Cooler for sale in or around D.C.?

I'm at a barbecue here in D.C., and a friend who just moved here from southern California is lamenting the lack of Cactus Cooler around. So, I come to you: Any chance any of you have seen it for sale anywhere around the nation's capital?
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The Facebook page for Cactus Cooler makes it sound almost impossible to get outside of SoCal, but one poster says 1/2 orange soda and 1/2 pineapple soda is pretty close, if that helps.
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Sadly, the Dr Pepper Snapple group product locator page doesn't list anyplace within 30 miles of D.C. (or within 30 miles of any major city off I-95 from Baltimore to Williamsburg).
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