Please help me understand these protest signs
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I saw a protest in Hong Kong, and took some photos of the signs. I've never been able to read them, and always wanted to know what the protest was about. Can you help me read the signs or understand what the drawings depict?

I took these photos on January 29, 2005. I believe I was at or near Victoria Harbor, where the ferry picks people up to go to Kowloon (although it's very possible I was somewhere else in Hong Kong).
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

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Best answer: They are protesting and petitioning to repeal the judgment on January 29, 1999 on the right of abode, which (from my quick skimming) prevented many children from getting the right to remain in Hong Kong and therefore broke up families.
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Best answer: And you were here, in Statue Square.
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Response by poster: You guys are amazing! I thought that perhaps I'd never know. That someone could read these for me and even know which part of Hong Kong I was in based on a few photos -- just... wow!
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