Help me get rid of these weird black lines on my Mac
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My Macbook's been acting strange recently. I'm getting weird straight, black lines around open windows. (screenshot inside) Help!

This is how it looks like. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
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Which video card do you have? (Open System Profiler and look under Graphics/Displays.) Some MBs and MBPs are known to have issues with their motherboards/graphics cards—you might be able to get it fixed for free.
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The video card might be running hot, if you run a 3d program, do you get artifacts in the textures too?

Also, you might want to scrub the photo of your gmail account.
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What year is your MacBook? My 2008 version had a well documented graphics card/logic board issue to do with overheating. It was visible mostly as weird screen redraws (which is what it looks like you have) and text tearing during any kind of scrolling or resizing.

They replaced the logic board on mine and I believe the warrantee is extended for that model.
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Yeah, it's worth noting that the strange lines you're seeing appear in places where OSX normally draws shadows. Behind the window, underneath the menu bar, etc. On modern macbooks, a lot of that stuff is offloaded straight to the graphics card. If something's going wrong with it, it's not inconceivable that something like 'shadow overlay' could appear goofy.
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I could be a bad ribbon cable between the video card and the display. I've had a similar problem on a laptop I had. I returned it to the manufacturer and they replaced the cable and all was fine.
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I could be a bad ribbon cable between the video card and the display.

Maybe, but remember that we're seeing a software based screenshot, so a bad connection wouldn't show up.
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I've seen this in the past on my Macbook (approx. 2 years old), and while I don't know what causes it I have always found that a reboot makes the problem go away. It seems to appear for me when I've had my laptop on for a long time, like after a month or two of sleep/wake cycles and home/office use.
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Yep, this is a bad graphics card issue. Your Mac needs service.
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This is a cmd-shift-3 screenshot right? If so, graphics card/hardware issue wouldn't show up on it. It must be a software issue.

I've had this happen rarely before. A restart usually fixes it. Hopefully Apple will fix it properly in a future software update
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Response by poster: thanks for all your help! yes, this is a cmd+shift+3 screenshot and yes, a reboot always fixes the problem. I just wanted to be sure. my Macbook's from 2008. maybe it's a logic card issue after all. thanks again for all your help!
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