Quick and easy scheduling solution recommendation?
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Employee scheduling solution? Our in-house staff is big enough to require something better than a manually updated Excel file, but not big enough to warrant the time and expense of a full ERP...

...and we'll roll our own when that time comes anyway. In the meantime, we're looking for a simple to use solution, possibly even something like an Outlook add on. Basically we need to see at a glance, which staff are scheduled to be in, which are on holiday or taking banked time, etc., and to be able to update the schedule easily.
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If you're not against an outside-the-walls solution, Tungle.me might suit your needs.
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At the slightly more complex than excel end.... google calendar?
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I'd give google calendar a shot- I use it to schedule and coordinate our Conference Center (15 rooms, 4 AV techs). Being able to 'post' schedules online (shared calendar- read only) is huge, and you can create multiple calendars for vacation, sick time, etc.
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I use Google Calendar for this. Just be sure to regularly make backups.
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Do you use Exchange at all? Its scheduling abilities are quite good.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah. Evil Microsoft and all, but Small Business Server is pretty cheap for what it does)
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