How to get Japanese iPad apps on my US iPad?
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What exactly do I need to do to be able to download a Japanese exclusive iPhone/iPad app? (I am in the US, and the app in question is Puyo Pop Fever Touch.)

I'm assuming I would need a Japanese iTunes account but I'm not sure how to get one or what problems I might encounter. I'm pretty motivated though, I'm obsessed with Puyo Pop Fever and the fact that the iPad and iPhone versions exist and I can't have them is driving me nuts!

The fact that the menus and text are in japanese won't really be a problem; I've played the game on so many platforms now I'm sure I could figure it out.
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Oh, one more thing; I haven't jailbroken either device and don't plan to. (I work for Apple and it would be a hassle.) Also, I WANT to pay for the apps.
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In my continued googling I've found this site which sells Japanese iTunes cards, but they only seem to have a rather large denomination in stock. Anyone know any others? I'm thinking I'll need about 1200 Yen in iTunes credit. Unless someone knows a better option.
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See here.
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Oh, one caveat about multi-account devices -- having apps on your device from multiple iTunes accounts can sometimes throw odd errors. You won't easily be able to update the app without switching accounts on the device (see the settings app). This is something they make a hassle, but you CAN work around it. (I had an iPad in Canada six weeks before the Canadian iPad app store opened -- that was a real pain in the ass.)
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Just for the future reference of anyone looking, I bought a Japanese iTunes card from this site and they were quick and didn't screw me over. A little pricy but hey... Puyo Pop Fever.
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