Interesting budget places to stay in Berlin?
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I'm going to be staying in Berlin for nearly two weeks in the summer. I need to pay hostel-style prices (10-40 euro/night), and would like to stay at a great location in a space that attracts and makes it easy to chat with interesting people (writers, artists, or just an eclectic crowd...). Don't want a heavy party atmosphere. Any hostel recommendations? And are there non-hostel accommodations I should consider?
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Whats-it that you do? Are you a write/artist/performer/etc? It may be easy to crash if you can do some sort of trade of your creativity. Squatting could be had, but squatters would want you to participate a little in something. Are you circus folk?
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Wombat's hostel was cheap, clean, and close to the subway, but it definitely had that drunken college kid vibe. It may not be what you're looking for.
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Odyssee Hostel attracts an eclectic crowd. Not quite as centrally located in Berlin, but still a really fun place to stay.
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The Michelberger Hotel looks good and definitely sounds like a place where you'll meet interesting people. I've never tried it, but I would do so if I were to be in Berlin. It's a little above your budget at 59 euros a night, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recs so far. Alex_skazat, thanks, couchsurfing's an interesting rec. I'm a grad student in a non-performing art, so I doubt my creativity is all that valuable for trading purposes :).
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I stayed at a very nice and very cheap hotel-like hostel in Berlin. I think it was two letters, c&g or a&o. Sorry for no links, posting from phone.
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I would recommend the Wombat too. It might have a bunch of drunk students, but what hostel doesn't, and the hostel is so clean and well designed that it more than makes up for it. Cheap too, and close to everything you need. Choose Wombat.
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A good friend of mine just moved to Berlin (after a number of trips there), so I forwarded him your question and he says this:
    Tell 'em to check the English version of Craigslist Berlin, under rooms/shared or sublets/temporary. We have had great luck there, it's a great way to get the feel of a neighborhood and to actually live like a local for a couple of weeks, rather than a hostel tourist. Maybe not as good for meeting other tourists but maybe better for meeting locals.
Good luck!
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You can rent a room in a flat here for 35 euros. Perhaps a bit pricey, but could be a good option. It has a shared kitchen and bathroom, so you'd likely meet some interesting people. My sister has stayed in one of their other self-contained flats, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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