iTunes headaches!
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iTunes/Networking Filter: Cannot see a shared library that resides on my Windows XP desktop on iTunes on my Windows 7 laptop...

I have my extensive iTunes library set to share on my desktop, however I am unable to see it on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop. I can see the Windows 7 shared library on my XP desktop, but not the other way around. I verified both PCs have the latest version of iTunes. The one thing I think that could be difficult is that the desktop is connected to the network using a wireless bridge using DD-WRT to my main wireless router. I can connect to the desktop using my laptop and they appear to be on the same subnet. Laptop's IP is, desktop's IP is UPnP is enabled on the router... What am I missing?
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Response by poster: I just went through my router and my wireless bridge and reconfigured my wireless bridge according to DDWRT's official site.

Sometimes it's an easy fix. I don't know why it didn't work before, because my Win7 laptop could see my WinXP desktop and share files. Must have had something just not quite set right on the bridge, that's all I can figure.
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