How to hide/block all text in firefox
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Is there a way -using greasemonkey or adblock plus in firefox- to hide/collapse all text in a webpage, but leave the images, etc. alone?
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Should be doable with a user style sheet.
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I wrote this for you in greasemonkey.

Adds a button to the bottom right of ALL pages on ALL domains that you can click to remove text. If you only want it on a certain domain, you'll have to download the script and edit the @include lines before installing in greasemonkey.
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Maybe close enough, the Linky extension for firefox used to have 'Open all images' and 'Open all image links' in a new window/tab option. You could click it from the context menu and it would open a new tab with just the images in the page (or the images linked from the page).
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beerbajay, you are my hero for the day. Thanks!
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