1970s modern outdoor furniture?
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Recommendations for 1960s-1970s "California Modern"-compatible outdoor furniture?

Familiar with the indoor stuff, not so much the outdoor. We're looking to add a table and chairs to our deck (redwood) without detracting from the aesthetic (Elwood/Eichler/May/etc. style). We have a bunch of vintage Sunsets and such, but can't find any manufacturer names. Any contemporary stuff that would fit the bill is also welcomed Thanks in advance.
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Modernica has some great Case Study indoor/outdoor stuff you might like. I lust over it, but it is really pricey.
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I live in a 60's ranch and am lusting after the classic Bertoia chairs (the price- ouch, but there are knockoffs out there). I'm still waiting to find a fabulous vintage set at a yard sale to lovingly restore... but I may be waiting a very, very long time.

Also love the Case Study stuff Joh mentioned, but if the price tag is out of your price range, Ikea makes some decent outdoor stuff with similar clean lines.
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Maybe try cb2.com?
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