Pinhole camera time?
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Google-fu fails: I built a plasticam pinhole camera last year. I then printed out a guide of how long to expose the film. Then I lost it!

It basically said how long to expose the film in different situations (sunny, cloudy, indoors, etc.).

I assume it would have been linked to from here or here, since those are the pages I looked at, but I can't find it!

Anyone know how long to expose for (using standard 35mm film) or can find the exact thing I had?
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Oh! I think the film was 400-speed, but I can't remember. Would that make sense/be about right? It was standard film for film cameras, from the drugstore.
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I'm not sure about pinhole cameras, but I've always carried around a copy of the charts from Fred Parker's ultimate Exposure Guide.
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Was this what you were looking for?
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Nevermind, it's 200 speed film.

200 burritos, it's not the same, but it seems similar. the weird part is, the time son this guide are very different from that - last thing I took with that guide, I was in a sunny room, and left the shutter open for five minutes as per the guide that I had. Weird. Any smart people want to explain why the difference and how I can roughly tell how long to leave it open? I'm thinking a good trial and error session is in order.
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There's a link to a PDF file in the last paragraph of the story you linked to.

It's on this page.
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Ah, thank you so much! I scoured that page for links but I guess that one slipped through.

Thanks, everybody!
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For future reference if you run windows, if you know the f-stop of your pinhole you can use the pinhole designer to make exposure guide charts for the most popular brands of film.
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