Freelance writing websites similar to textbroker and demand studios?
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Are there any other freelance writing website similar to and

I currently do work on and I like this better then working on websites such as and, because you don't have to go through a hiring process for every assignment. On textbroker there are simple instructions for 100-500 word assignments and you are paid per word. On demandstudios you can make $15 for writing a stringently formatted 500 word article. I am not a fan of associatedcontent because it's hard to get upfront payments, and the residual is hit or miss.

So, I am looking for more writing websites that give me an intermediary interface between myself and the client, and either pay upfront for a specific type of work or pay per word. So far I haven't been able to find anything except the myriad of revenue share websites like associatedcontent, and I am not sure there is anything other then textbroker and demandstudios. Hopefully I am wrong.
posted by Tres to Work & Money (1 answer total) 41 users marked this as a favorite pays $10-$15 per article. You have to commit to doing a certain number of articles a month to stay active... I think 20 a month. They provide a pool of topics from which to choose. The type of article they are looking for is fairly short (I think around 500 words, I don't recall for sure but the ones I read weren't long) and informative but with a more casual tone than, say, Wikipedia.

I was very tempted to sign up but was put off by the commitment. I work full time and I'm not sure I can crank out enough quality articles to stay active in the amount of time I'd be willing to invest. I would think an experienced article-writer could research and write a Wisegeek article in a couple of hours which would be an ok return on time invested.
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