Spoilers in the Mad Men season 3 DVD special features?
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Are there spoilers in the special features on the Mad Men season 3 DVDs?

Assuming we watch the episodes on a disk first, will the special features on that disk spoil future episodes?

(This is one of the hazards of watching a TV series on DVD from Netflix. That, and trying to rewind live TV.)
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I'm sure there are some previews in the special features, but no spoilers. That would defest the point.
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Wait - do you mean spoilers for Season 4? Or do you mean spoilers for the season on the disks you're watching?

Special features on the disks you're watching (S3) absolutely spoil huge plot points from S3. They assume you watch the show before the special features. Commentary also assumes you've seen the whole season.
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I mean will special features (commentaries, etc.) on disc one spoil episodes on disc 2?
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I mean will special features (commentaries, etc.) on disc one spoil episodes on disc 2?

Yes, actually. Because I just noticed it a week or so ago. I can't remember what it was exactly (and maybe it was Disc 2 spoiling Disc 3) but there's definitely a moment in one of the commentaries where somebody starts blowing the beans on stuff that plays out in subsequent episodes, then stops himself and asks, "Am I allowed to do this?" And somebody else says, "Yeah, nobody listens to these things until they've watched the whole year."

You are warned.
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If the special features are the ones I think they are, there are no real spoilers, but you do get glimpses of future scenes. For example, a clip about costuming shows you what characters will be wearing in episodes you haven't seen yet.
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Well, the unhelpful simple "yes" and "no" answers aside, thanks for asking this. Roomie and I were watching the 2nd disc of season 3 from Netflix last night; we skipped the extras for just this reason. Glad to see we were right.
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I mean will special features (commentaries, etc.) on disc one spoil episodes on disc 2?

Yes. And this is true for almost every newer DVD release of a tv show (say, the last three or four years). Special features are about the whole season; there'd be almost no way to do those kinds of things without showing you stuff from episodes you haven't seen yet. Commentaries *especially*, since the creators and actors want to talk about how everything falls into place over the season-wide arc; they love to point out how whatever it is you're watching right now comes back in episode X when Y happens.
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tzikeh, I appreciate you taking the time to answer, but our experience is different in regards to commentaries in general. We do this all the time, and those spoiler moments have been rare. Mad Men is the rare show where the its quality made the the stakes high enough warrant this askme.

I'm surprised that information this useful for enjoying something is so hard to find on the net. It would be a real boon if Netflix noted this on their description pages.
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On Season 1 DVDs, at least, there definitely are. Some of the featurettes on costuming and getting the period-appropriate look or other making-of insights on the first couple discs include clips from episodes on a later disc and at least once reference a plot point from the finale. I would assume this remains true for later seasons and proceed accordingly.
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