Does no one make portable CD/mp3 players anymore?
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Where can I buy a high quality portable CD/mp3 player?

I like cd/mp3 players. they last forever, have long battery life, and mp3 CD weigh nothing, so i have lots of songs. I have had both Sony and Panasonic. Panasonic is better in my opinion.

So I went looking this week for a new portable CD/mp3 players - and apparently no one even carries them anymore! Futureshop, Bestbuy, London Drugs, Radioshack, you name it, no one has it.

So now I am resorting to online. Ideally I would like a NEW panasonic portable CD/mp3 player. However, on (i live in canada), they do not have any., same thing. (they both sell ones that are only CD, not also mp3 compatible)

Perhaps there is some random store or web page that specialized in CD/mp3 players that someone might know about? Is my only hope to buy used?
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Plenty on ebay. There's also this place, but I know nothing about them.
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I've seen them at Target. You can also look at a closeout store like Big-Lots who always seems to have a display case of 5 year old electronics sitting around.
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Just get a Sansa Clip; they're $30, you can put way more music on them than any MP3 CD player and they have no moving parts.

It's 2010. CDs are no different from tapes or 8-tracks now.
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Yeah i hate to give a non-answer but i think it may be time to revisit your assumptions about mp3 players. There's a reason they're so popular. They out-do even the best mp3-cd players in every way. Battery life on most is excellent, they are smaller and easier to use, and managing your music is a zillion times easier.
I REALLY recommend the iPod nano. It's the best beginning mp3 player out there and they tend to last for YEARS. The 8gb ($149) will hold about 5 mp3-CDs worth of music. Of course, there are cheaper options as well.
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I have the same mournful question - and was about to post it when I found this thread. I have a large CD collection and want portability. Mp3s are convenient, but, compressed as they are, they really don't come close to CDs (or... vinyl) for serious listening. I'm not up for turning all my CDs into, say, WAV files (though I do this selectively). It's sad. The highest quality portable music player I've ever experienced - the one that really created the sense of an orchestra (or band) in the mind - was my old 1983 Aiwa walkman, may it rest in pieces.
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