How to get unicolor, gradient t-shirts
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How can I get my hands on unicolor, gradient t-shirts? Where to buy, how to dye?

I own a single t-shirt that has a light red to dark red gradient from shoulders to hips. I want more. I'm male, the shirt I own is a Nike.

Where can one order those, preferably from within Europe?

How would I go about dyeing my own?
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Look into dip dyeing. You can do this with Rit dyes.
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The other term for this is Ombre and there are instructions for dying on the dharmatrading website. I really like Dharma Trading--they give clear, accurate instructions and have wonderful quality materials. You can buy cotton t-shirt blanks and the dyes from them and follow their instructions to get the look you want.
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Sorry for the USA-centric answer, but I'm just an all-American girl...I imagine you could find a craft store in your area to purchase materials and then follow the Dharma Trading instructions. The thing you need to be aware of when doing your own dying is that you really want a natural-fiber material that isn't treated with anything or you are not going to get the result you want.
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I was coming in here to recommend Dharma Trading, also.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your responses. I will try the dyeing, but am unsure whether it'll produce the evenness of gradient I am looking for. But I guess that'll depend on my skills as well.
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