How can I bike to Sarah Lawrence from Brooklyn?
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What is the best bike route to get from North Brooklyn to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY? I'm trying to plan a trip and I'm not sure I trust google maps' bike route feature yet, and doesnt go outside of the city limits. I'm looking for the safest route possible, but I also wouldnt mind going a little out of the way for a more scenic ride.
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Someone posted a route on bikely from the UWS to CT that passes through Bronxville. Looks like a pretty straight shot
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+1 to that route. Bronx River Parkway is a pretty good path. Getting through the Bronx is actually the hardest part. I'd go Queensboro Bridge -> FDR Drive Bike path -> 120th St stairs -> Willets Ave Bridge. Then use 138th St (not the best traffic-wise, but there's no really good route through the S Bronx and it's not too tough) to the Grand Concourse bike lanes.
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Oops, Willis, not Willets.
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(When I used to do rides into Westchester, I would take my bike on the 4 to Bedford Park Boulevard and head to Westchester from there.)
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(Er, Mosholu Parkway, not Bedford Park!) Sorry for all these corrections.
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