BayAreaDrivingFilter: help me get from 237 Westbound onto Central Expressway Northbound without getting lost in Mountain View.
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BayAreaDrivingFilter: 237 W to Central Expressway without getting lost in Mountain View.

There seems to be a Bermuda triangle in Mountain View where 237, 85, and Central Expressway come near each other. I think I figured it out once but then Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones showed up and told me to look into a penlike device.

What's the most graceful way to get from 237 westbound onto Central Expressway northbound?

Bonus points for reverse route.
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My husband (who works right in the middle of the triangle) says: from 237 exit at Middlefield, make a left onto Middlefield which will take you to Central. This is assuming you are coming from 101 toward 85 (we looked at a map to make sure we were understanding your question correctly).
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Best answer: Ooh, I know that one!

237 W to the Maude exit. At the offramp, continue driving straight, crossing over Maude, to continue toward Middlefield1. Make a right on Middlefield, then an immediate left onto Ferguson, which will take you to Central Expy.

The reverse is basically the same.

1 These sorts of access road trips are pretty common around there. See also: Moffet Park Blvd.
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I also affectionately refer to this area as the Bermuda Triangle. Here's another option:

Take the Whisman Exit from W 237, go straight through the light, then up and over Central. Take a left at the next light (Whisman Station), then take a right on Central to go north.

To go back: from south Central, take a left at Whisman Station, then a left at Whisman and a right on Middlefield. Cross under 237, take an immediate left and go straight through Maude and enter E 237.
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You probably want the goofy Whisman hairpin shown here.
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But Whisman is an overpass over Central -- my vote's for theNewWazoo's way (and I used to live inside this triangle!)
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I third TheNewWazoo. I make this trip every couple of weeks. NB: When he says "an immediate" right, he means it--the Ferguson light is, like, 50 ft. from the Middlefield/"off-ramp" intersection. Don't make a right-turn-on-red unless you'll be able to cross three or so lanes right away.
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Response by poster: Y'all are fan-freakin-tastic. Thank you so much!

Take *that*, GPS devices!
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