Arts council seeks examples of effective marketing materials.
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[Nonprofit Filter] Small-town arts council needs your help! We seek effective examples of 1) an "ask package" or a "leave behind" to use as a guide when creating our own, and 2) an affordable and duplicatable example of a simple artist's database/registry.

We are a small-town nonprofit arts council emerging from the fire and working hard to reintroduce ourselves as the arts authority in our region. We have many projects planned to this end. I see no sense in reinventing the wheel for solutions that already exist, and would appreciate your suggestions and/or links to creative, professional examples of the following:

1) A fundraising "ask package" or "leave behind" to provide to big potential funders. We imagine this in the form of a basic bound 8-1/2 x 11 booklet that includes much of what may appear in a standard funding proposal (history, misson, programs/activities, accomplishments, board information, calendar, etc) and possibly more. Perhaps in the style of an annual report? We may present it bound with a plastic comb binding so as to be easily and inexpensively revised and customizable. We seek some really creative ideas for content and presentation, as well as your input as to what has worked (or not) for you.

2) A searchable artist database to include the names of the ~300 talented artists in our community, along with complete profiles, artist statements, sample images, pricing, and contact information, etc. I've found many gorgeous examples online. The kicker is, of course, the cost to create something like this. We have a $1,000 budget to hire a local web professional to do this. We want it to run itself when it's all done, so artists may create and update profiles all on their own.
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This collection of really cool business cards was on the blue a couple of months ago. Particularly since you're an arts council, you should try to make your proposal booklet as creative as possible. Maybe this list will give you some good ideas to start with.
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Consider looking at Before and After Magazine and annuals of Communication Arts i for inspiration. Budget impacts design greatly and many of the things in CommArts will be spendy BUT it gives you a starting point to think about and show your designer what you are seeking.

Depending on your location, you would qualify to being a client for design courses. My particular program has real clients for its courses with the understanding that the winning design team's work is used.

MeMail me if interested in being a client since I need one for my fall course in document design and the web course is looking for client as well.
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AskMe sent me an automated email to follow up on my post. So here I am, expressing my deepest disappointment in the outcome of my very first post. I'm entirely at fault for not making it interesting enough to generate response. But what I got frankly just bums me out. Granted, those are cool business cards, but it's not particularly relevant to my question. And then a spam post seeking clients? Wow. Never expected to see that here. And I've seen the exact same post pasted elsewhere.

Completely disappointing, but now I know to try a different approach to draw responses relevant to my needs. I'll show this as resolved since we've chosen a path to address both of the above.
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Wow, I am NOT a spammer. If you had bothered to look at my profile you would have noticed that I have been a contributing member of this site for years.

SPAM usually wants you to give money, I, on the other hand, offered you free services from an actual university program focused on practice and real world situations for its students. You see the offer elsewhere on the green because of the fact that it is a possible solution for those seeking free design services from legitimate sources.
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