Where can I buy the longest bread in Chicago?
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I'd like to buy the longest loaf of bread I possibly can, in Chicago.

I'm having some folks over for a Man vs. Food premier party in June, and am hoping to make a Very Long Sandwich. Where in Chicago can I find a super long loaf of bread? A baguette will work, my only concern is something really impressively long. Two or more feet long if possible.

Note: I'm not interested in buying a whole sandwich, like a Jimmy John's party sub. I have my own special sandwich filling, I just need the bread.
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Why not check in with a sub shop to see if they'll sell you just the bread?
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Just FYI, many sub shops actually bake normal loaves of bread, cut the ends off and splice them together to create the illusion of a huuuge loaf of bread. Know a restaurant with a pizza oven? Maybe you could put in a special order?
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Many sub shops offer "6 ft longs' for catering or parties, just call and tell them you only want the bread. You can also ask at a bread bakery.
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A french baguette will range from 24 inches to 40 inches and make for delicious sub bread, so look for a French bakery.
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LaBriola bakery has 36" French bread on their web page.
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You might want to try calling Red Hen Bread to see if they could bake a long loaf of one of their breads for you. (Such. Amazing. Bread).
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