Can You Read This Handwriting?
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I'm currently working on my family tree and managed to track down a marriage certificate for my great grandfather. The problem is I can't decipher the handwriting. Can anyone help identify these addresses?

I thought this first one was Darmstadt, Hesse but the second word doesn't really look like Hesse. Is there another place it could be?

This second one is a street address that I believe is in Brooklyn but I can't for the life of me make it out.

This third one
is also a street address in Brooklyn that I can't read.

Appreciate any help!
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I think the first is still Hesse, since German scripts often use the long s.

The second one looks like Ewen St. According to this reference of changed street names, Ewen st. is now Manhattan Ave.

The third one is pretty clearly Ten Eyck St.
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Wow, that was fast. Thanks for that Madamina!
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